Developed and patented in 1991, Great Lengths Extensions are used around the world, from France to Hong Kong, and Brazil to Belgium, but only by certified top salons. Using only the highest quality 100% human hair, Great Lengths experts can thicken fine and thin hair with extensions that will last until you decide to take them out. Offering many different colours, you can achieve the edgy-looking ‘Peek-a-Boo’ strands of blue, purple, pink, etc.

The patented bonding method contains keratin allowing for a strong hold and the least amount of damage, in turn, letting hair behave naturally as it should. Great Lengths Extensions are of the highest technology and avoid all the harsh and damaging side effects presented by using either glue or weaves.

Nova Vita experts are certified by Great Lengths and offer complimentary consultations. To determine the length, quantities, and colour, book your 15 minute complimentary consultation today!