Hey men: are you sick of sitting down in the chair and asking the “usual”? Do you want to change it up before getting out in the sun? The last few years have been all about short sides and long tops, and this made 2018 all about the throwback – simple, sleek, and elegant, your hair is going to be making a statement that’s timeless. So grab your Ray Bans, polish up your shoes, and put away the baseball cap:

Summer 2018 is going to be good!

Swept Back Hair

The “long sweep” is a simple-yet-classy hairstyle that’s already captured the red carpet scene. It maximizes the length instead of layering the hair, letting you “sweep” it back and keep it in place with gloss styling gel.

It couldn’t be easier, either: use your fingers to run some cream or pomade through your damp hair after a shower, and then use a comb to work the hair from the hairline to the end. Make sure you use a product with some hold, especially if you get a little sweaty out in the summer sun.

Soft Side Part Haircut

Before, it was all about clean lines and a low or medium fade, and while this worked for a lot of men, it was a statement some others weren’t comfortable with. The soft side part is good for anyone who thought the fade wasn’t for them. Shorter layers with a part that leads to a gentle sweep is a classic look that can make any man look good.

To style, towel dry your hair and work a shiny product through it – ta da! You’re done, and you’ll have that Ryan Gosling look without a ton of effort. We mean, looking like Ryan Gosling probably helps Ryan Gosling, but a soft side part can really give you a timeless cut to match him.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is easily the simplest to maintain on this list – keep it short and you can roll out of bed and no one will be the wiser. The length you want on top is up to you – just make sure to communicate this to your stylist before they commit to the buzzer!

Did you know the name comes from Ivy League rowing crew members who couldn’t brush the hair out of their eyes during a race? It’s now popularly known as a classic military look (another group who did best without hair in their face), but civilians and non-elite, non-rowers can still wear it well. After all, it’s a natural revival following our obsession with short sides.

Textured Quiff

As you can probably tell, messy upward and backward is super in now, and when done right it can work with short and long hair. High, voluminous, and messy, all you have to decide is how long you want the hair on top and how short you want the sides.

Long layers on top of tighter sides put the texture in this quiff, and the length of these elements can be cut to suit any face shape. It’s probably the thing that worked for David Beckham (apart from the soccer skills and millions of dollars, of course).


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