Kid’s Hair Cuts

“When Mom is mad at Dad, don’t let her brush your hair…”

Children’s haircuts can often be a challenge with their shorter attention spans and wiggly bodies.  Let the professionals at Nova Vita Salon calm those little nerves and create adorable styles for boys and girls.  We can often suggest easy care styles and product that make mom and dad’s lives easier.

Your littles deserve a great cut too! Nova Vita staff is great at calming little nerves, distracting wiggly wee ones and giving your child a great looking cut, even if they don’t really want one… Hair cuts are always $10 plus your child’s age (i.e. A 3 year old’s cut $13, a 6 year old’s cut $16, etc). Our cut off age for the kids cuts is 12 years old.

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A Few Of Our Specialists

Here at Nova Vita, we employ many talented and skilled specialists to better serve you. Here are a few that we would recommend for any future hair care needs!